Upcoming Event 

Our community's second round general assembly for 2015 has tentatively been scheduled as follows. 

Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Time: Start at 6:00 PM

Place: The Venetian Banquet Hall

Address: 4850 S Eastern Ave

               Las  Vegas, NV 89119.

   (Near Burlington Coat Factory)

We will have different kinds of special programs on this day. Please, arrange your time off in advance. We will notify you soon if there is any change of schedule or any other updates. 


Up Coming Event 

Oromo Community of Las Vegas 2015 first round general assembly is scheduled as follow.

Date:    January 29, 2015

Venue: Gold Coast Hotel and Casino 

            4000 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 

Time: Starts at 5:00 PM

We kindly request all of you to take time off in advance (if Thursday is not your day off), and attend this meeting, which happens only three times a year, to discuss about our community, our future plan and much more. Please, be on time as we will occupy the hall for limited time only and extra fee will be charged if we will not be able to conclude our meeting within the planned time frame. Pass this message to all friends and other interested people. 


Executive committee



Las Vegas OMN Fundraising Event was Successfully completed 

Oromia Media Network Fundraising Event 

OMN support committee in Las Vegas is pleased to announce that it has planned fund raising event to support Oromia Media Network (OMN) financially on Wednesday, December 10, 2014. Within less than a year since its establishment, OMN has done excellent job in serving Oromo nation by delivering timely information and news; creating a platform where Oromo can learn from one another by interviewing Oromoo elders, scholars, business persons, politicians, activists and more. To keep OMN on the air and continue to be the voice of our people, the support that we make as individual and community is very important. So, let us support this our own media through donation and becoming sustainable donor member. Jawar Mohammed, a political analyst and graduate (Ph.d) student at Colombia university, will make a speech on contemporary Oromo issues and the role and necessities of medias

Date: Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Time: 5:00 PM 
Place: Gold Coast Hotel and Casino
          4000 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 
Guest Speaker: Jawar Mohammed 

Please, pass this information to all friends, family and any one who is interested to stand by OMN. 


Irreechaa  Celebration  In Las Vegas 2014

 Irreechaa 2014 Celebration Date, Las  Vegas

The 2014 Irreechaa Celebration in Las Vegas is scheduled to be held on Thursday, September 25, 2014.  It's highly encouraged for all attendants to wear  Oromoo custom clothes. See below and flyer for detail.

Date: Thursday, September 25, 2014

Time: 4:00 PM

Place: Sunset Park 

    2601 E Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120

BBQ, water and soft drinks will be served. Please, tell other friends to come and celebrate with us.  


Waa'ee Galma Bitachuu Hawaasa Keenya Ilaalchisee 

Ashamaa akkami jirtu, 

Akkuma hundi keenya beeknu/quba qabnu, waa'een barbaachisummaa galma bitachuu hawaasaa keenyaa yeroo dheeraaf irratti haasahamaa tureera. Hawaasni keenyas mormii tokko malee barbachisummaa galma bitachuu kanaa yeroo adda addaatti sagalee guutuudhaan mirkanneessaa turuun isaas ni yaadatama. Barbaachisuummaa isaatiifis sababootni quuqqubsaa ta'an hedduun lafa taa'aanii jiru. Koreen jaarmiyaa hawaasa Oromoo Las Vegasis dhimma kana yeroo dheeraaf , wali faanas ta'ee hawaaasa faana, erga irratti mari'chaa turee booda amma gara adeemsa hojjiitti hiiku bira gahee jira. Akkuma kanaan, wali gahii hawaasaa marroo 3ffaa kan bara 2014 godhanne irratti, mataa duree akkataa itti adeemsa mana bitachuu irratti marii bal'aan erga godhamee booda, hawaasni keenya /manni  guutummaatti yaada kanaa gadii irratti walii galee jira. 

 Innis, galma bitachuudhaaf yoo xiqqaatee miseensotni keenya mataati $1,000.00 (Dollar Amerikaa kuma tokko) buusuu akka qabu guutummaatti walii galamee jira. Horiin kuni akkaataa itti walitti qabamuuf ammoo koreen yeroo dhiyyooti goca qopheessuun miseensota keenya hundumaa bira ni gaha. 
Asumaanis, misoosotni keenya barbaachisummaa galma bitachuu kanaa gatii guddaa itti kennuun, waadaa seentanis ammoo yeroo isinii kennamu gidduutti xumurachuun akka kaayyoo eebbifamaa fi qajeelaa yaadame kana bakkaan geessan kabajaan isin gaafanna. Yaadaa, qeeqaa fi gaaffiin yoo jiraatee kallattiin koree hawaasaa (maqaa fi bilbilli armaan gadiitti eerame) waliin dubbachuuf balballi isaa banaa dha. 

  1. Nigusee Riqituu-702-824-0283
  2. Dastaa Iddoosaa-702-445-8583
  3. Kamaal Usmaan-702-340-5749
  4. Mokonnin Addunyaa-702-506-1446
  5. Shamsiyaa (Alfiya) Buusee- 702-660-0561

   Deeggarssa fi gummacha yaadaa gootan hunduuf galatni keenya guuddaa    dha.

Koree Jaarmiyaa Hawaasa Oromoo Las Vegas

Fulbaana 13, 2014

Up Coming Event 

Community's third round general meeting has tentatively been scheduled as follows

Date: September 10, 2014

Place: Gold Coast Hotel and Casino

           4000 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

Time: 5:00 PM

Please, pass this message to your friends and others who may not get the message. As your presence on the meeting is very important for ideas and suggestions that will be raised and discussed on that day, we kindly request to schedule your time in advance and to attend the meeting. 


Executive Committee. 


Oromo Evangelical Church of Las Vegas set a candle vigil night.

Oromo Evangelical Church of Las Vegas has planned a Candle vigil night for Our people who were killed in mass throughout Oromia by Ethiopian Security Forces for peacefully protesting against new Finfinnee (Addis Ababa's) Master plan which is aimed to expand  the city into the nearby Oromia towns. 

Date: Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Time: 6:30 PM 
Place: Water Park
Flamingo Rd, & Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas.

All Oromo and friends of Oromo in Las Vegas and around it are cordially invited to attend this vigil so that we can remember our fallen people together and express our sorrow.


Oromo Evangelical Church of Las Vegas

May 12, 2014


Oromo Community of Las Vegas Letter to Nevada Senator, Harry Reid

                                                                                                     May 9, 2014

Oromo Community of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV


The Honorable Harry Reid

United State Senate

333 Las Vegas Blouvard South

Las Vegas, NV 89101

Dear Senator Reid,

We, Oromo Community of Las Vegas, would like to bring to your attention that Ethiopian government is committing mass massacre on Oromo people in Ethiopia. Oromia is Ethiopia’s largest region and Oromos are the country’s largest ethnic group.

Currently, there is mass protest across Oromia state of Ethiopia opposing the expansion of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, into the nearby Oromia towns and cities by the cost of evicting the farmers. By the name of Addis Ababa Integrating Development Master Plan, Ethiopia’s Capital, thousands of Oromo farmers are being kicked off their land they owned for many generations long. This eviction will leave those Oromo farmers with nothing economically, it destroys their culture and will threatens the Oromos language, which is not taught in Addis Ababa schools. Oromo students peacefully protested to be the voice of these poor farmers. Instead of addressing students demand appropriately, the Ethiopian Security forces pointed their gun to the innocent students and killed about 50 people, mostly students as some source indicates. Many Oromo students are being tortured, arrested in mass and taken to jail by Ethiopian security forces as we speak.

Instead of feeding the starved people by the aid they are getting from the US, the Ethiopian government is using it for suppressing peoples’ voice and depriving of their rights: the right to gather, the right to make peaceful demonstration, the right to speech, the right to write, and every right that the democratic country allows in general. Rather than buying bread for the people, the Ethiopian government is buying bullets to gun down our own Oromo brothers, sisters, kids and elders.

We are deeply concerned about the future of our people and our country as the brutality of Ethiopian regime is becoming worse than ever. With the multi-million dollars aid that the Ethiopian government is getting from foreign countries, mostly from USA, to fight HIV, hunger and poverty, he uses it for fighting the people by labeling innocent people as anti-government and anti-development. We have attached some of the pictures of Oromo students who were recently killed in mass in different parts of Oromia, mostly in Ambo town, by Ethiopian security force while they were in peaceful protest.

We, Oromo Community of Las Vegas, are here today to protest against the eviction of Oromo farmers from their lands without reasonable incentives. We are demanding the USA government to put pressure on Ethiopian government and stop helping the dictator. We are demanding the release of all Oromo students arrested as soon as possible. We are demanding all political prisoners to be released as soon as possible. We are demanding the Ethiopian Security force to cease fire on Oromo students. We are demanding to bring the government body that committed atrocity on Oromo students to be brought to justice. We demand freedom and justice for our people. We sincerely request the US government to look at this issue very seriously and investigate the ongoing situations.

Thank you for your consideration of our concerns and we hope our voice will be heard by the US government.

Sincerely Yours,

Oromo Community of Las Vegas

Nigussie Riktu, Chairperson

(702) 824 0283


#OromoProtest, Rally in Las Vegas

Oromo Community of Las Vegas is planning to have a rally to protest against the eviction of Oromo farmers from their lands; the plan to expand Finfinne (Addis Ababa) using the new master plan which is aimed to remove Oromo farmers from their lands; the mass massacre committed on Oromo people by Ethiopian security forces; the mass arrest and torture of Oromo students and to support to voice of Oromo students. 

Date: May 09, 2014
Time: 9:00 Am-11:00 Am (Pacific Standard Time)
Place: Nevada Government Office (Down Town)
Address: 333 S.Las Vegas, BLVD
               Las Vegas, NV 89101

Please pass this message to all your relatives, concerned citizens and friends of Oromo People. We kindly invite all oppressed Ethiopian Nations and Nationalities to join  us in this rally.  As time is very crucial please, do all your best to be on time.

Let us speak up loud about our problem back home to the international communities.

Tokkummaan humna!
Oromo Community of Las Vegas,
May 05, 2014

Killing innocent people has never been an answer to demand for justice

It is extremely disturbing and annoying when our innocent people are being killed in mass on the street publicly during daylight by Ethiopian security forces. It is injustice and immoral when our own brothers and sisters including children and elders are being gunned down by the TPLF loyal forces. Our people are being jailed and killed because they peacefully demonstrated to protest against Finfinne’s (Addis Ababa) new master plan which has the objective to expand Finfinne (Addis Ababa) to the surrounding Oromiyaa special zone towns by the cost of evicting Oromo farmers from the area without paying them any reasonable incentives. By the disguise of integrated development plan, our people are being removed from their land they inhabited since immemorial time and forced to be street beggars. Oromo students peacefully protested this illegal plan and became the voice of their people. Rather than addressing their demand appropriately, the government of Ethiopia ordered military forces to arrest, torture, and kill the students. This is not the first time that Ethiopia government tortured killed innocent Oromo students then labeled them as extremist, terrorist, anti-development, misled by some anti-government agents when they perform peaceful demonstration. The government is doing this purposely to suppress their voice and intimidate the others not to repeat the same action again.

We, the Oromo community of Las Vegas, as a very concerned fellow citizen, strictly condemn the irresponsible acts of Ethiopian security forces. They are totally responsible for the mass massacre; destruction of properties; instigating violence; creating unrest among our people. We also need to affirm to the Ethiopian government that the demands and concerns of our students are not only theirs but also it represents the whole Oromo people. As such, on our second round general meeting held in memory of our fallen hero and heroines (Guyyaa Gootota Oromo), we passed the following firm stands on the ongoing situation in Oromiyaa:-

  1. We totally advocate the current peaceful, non-violent Oromo students protest.
  2. We urge the government of Ethiopia to restrain itself from torturing, arresting, jailing and killing our innocent citizens.
  3. We urge the government of Ethiopia to respect its own constitution and abide by it.
  4. We will stand by our students and give moral, financial and any other possible supports which sustain this mass, peace and non-violent protest until the required goal is achieved.
  5. We call upon all Oromo communities around the globe, both at home and in Diaspora, Oromo elders, religious leader and all Oromo political parties to be united and give support to the ongoing Oromo protest.
  6. We will demonstrate and make our voiced heard by international communities.

Oromo United!

Oromo Community of Las Vegas,

May 2, 2014


Oromo community of Las Vegas second round general meeting in 2014

Date: April 30, 2014

Venue: 3230 E Desert inn Road

               Las Vegas, NV 89121


  • Co-memorizing Oromo Martyrs
  • Message from the executive board
  • Report and Plan
  • Community suggestion time
  • Entertainment
  • Luncheon
  • Bids
  • And others

  • As we have a lot of topics to talk over please be on time. Using our time properly helps us manage our program in timely manner. Please, don’t forget to tell friends and relatives, members or non members, to come to our meeting and share/forward his/her ideas for us. We value everyone’s positive, genuine, constructive suggestion and feedback. We encourage all of you to come up with some ideas, comments and suggestions that you believe builds more our community and strengthen our unity.

    Looking forward to seeing all of you there.


    Executive Committee.

  • **********************************************************

The Continued Agony of Oromo

                                                          February 12, 2014

It’s extremely sad to hear day after day the death, torture exile, and imprisonment of our innocent people on the hands of the Ethiopian government. Just for expressing their thought, standing up for their rights, aspiring for freedom, justice and equality, believing in their identity and for being themselves, many have been exposed to exile, torture and even punished up to death. Oromo from all walks of life were/have been and are still being targeted by the Ethiopian regimes from past to present. Many students have been suspended or dismissed from their school board, farmers have been removed from their land, merchants have been denied their license, and journalists and artists have been forced to leave their country just because of advocating basic human rights.

At different times, from elementary schools to higher-educations, several talent Oromo students were killed, tortured or jailed for many years just because of their being outstanding students, and raising simple and basic human right questions. It’s also not uncommon to see Oromo students being dismissed in mass from their school board. There were several occasions while families were waiting eagerly for the graduation of their son/daughter from college but the life of their son/daughter sadly ends up in jail or death. To mention some of the students out of many; Sime Taraffa, Gaaddisaa Hirphasa, Alamaayyoo Garbaa, Jagaamaa Badhane were killed by uncompassionate security forces. High caliber students like Taayyee Danda’a, and Galata Bazzaa are two of the many Oromo students who are being severely mistreated in Kalitti Prison. It’s clear why the government is targeting active students who always speak out for their right. The purpose is simple; the government is clearing Oromo scholars from grass roots so that he can ride the rest of the society as he will. Recently, at Haramaya University many students were beaten by security forces rather than addressing students’ simple question related to food poising. It has been reported that many students are serious sick because of consuming poisoned food at their dinning cafeteria.

Countless Oromo politicians are being languished in the prison because of struggling for their people’s right. They have been denied their basic right, tortured, even prevented from getting any medical service, which is against international human rights law and their families were left without any support. Some of them sadly passed away while serving in the prison. For example, while the death of Eng. Tasfahun Camadaa is still fresh in the minds of Oromo people, we have been told that another Oromo political prisoner, Obbo Ahmed Nejash, died in the prison and nobody knows where his body is yet. Currently a lot of Oromo prisoners’ life is at critical conditions. They are not getting medical service and many of them are confined to small room which aggravates their sickness.

We are also observing that the government is instigating violence between Oromo and their neighboring societies. Many lives were lost and many people were removed from their home and exposed to difficult situations.

We, the Oromo Community of Las Vegas, condemn all sorts of Ethiopian government’s cruel acts on our people such as dismissing our students from school and jailing them instead of answering their question properly, displacing our people from their home land, instigating violence among Oromo clans living in the neighboring countries, and among Oromo and neighboring ethnics, languishing our political prisoners in the confinements and refusing to set them free after they finished their prison years, killing our people in irresponsible way. We consider the pain of our people as our own pain and we will remain their voice.

Oromo Community of Las Vegas,

February 12, 2014.


Upcoming Event: Oromiyaa Tiyyaa Concert In Las Vegas-February 26, 2014

Time to Relax! Oromo Community of Las Vegas proudly announce that the Oromiyaa Tiyyaa Concert has been finally made to happen in the City of Entertainment, Las Vegas! This is a big news for Oromo of Las Vegas and nearby city and other nations who have been eagerly waiting for rocking with Oromo stars! This is a great achievement for all of us. Something important we learnt from the preparation of this concert is that we can make it whatever we say we can do it if we positively think and work hard on it, however it seems difficult. The Oromiyyaa Tiyyaa concert will be a great opportunity for all of us to leave any differences aside and rejoice the night with the young Oromo pop stars' Melodies. Don't forget! this chance happens rarely in our life. Don't miss it , just make it! Let's see our birth place through these stars. They will make the far world close to us. They will bring feeling and love of our country to the stage. Rather than missing this special concert and asking our friends , 'how was the party last night ?' and waiting for their answer with curiosity let us go ourselves and see the feeling. Thanks for all individuals who tireless worked hard to make this event happen. Our special thanks goes to the organizing committee! Let us sing together....Oromiyaa Tiyyaa.....


Ergaa Koree Hawaasa Oromoo Las Vegas Irraa

Guraandhala 01, 2014

Jaalatamoo Oromoo Las Vegas,

Akkami jirtu, jireenyi badhaadhaa? Hundumti keessanuu nageenya keessa akka jirtan abdii guddaa qabna. Akkuma beekkamu gaafa Amajjii 15, 2014 filannoon koree hawaasa keenyaa gaggeefamee sirnaan xumuramuun isaa ni yaadatama. Yeroo ammaa kanattis koreen waggaa lamaan dhufaniif hawaasa keenya gaggeessuuf filatame, hojii gaggeesummaa fi itti gaafatamuummaa guutumaatti koree duraanii irraa fudhatee jira. Koreen haaraa filatame kuni walii qoodinsa gahee hojiis raawwatee jira. Akkuma kanaan;

  1. Obbo Nugusee Riqituu – Dura taa’aa
  2. Obbo Mokonnin Addunyaa- I/A Duraa taa’aa
  3. Obbo Dastaa Iddoosaa- Barreessaa
  4. Obbo Kamaal Osmaan- Abbaa Diinagdee
  5. Aadde Alfiyaa Busee- Odiitera

ta’uun qooda hojii fedha guutuun fudhatee jira. Koreen haaraa filatame kunis gaafa Guraandhala 01, 2014 irraa kaasee hojii idilee isaa itti fufee jira.

Hawaasa Oromo Las Vegas, waggaa lamaan dhufaniif gaggeesitoota keessan taanee akka isin tajaajilluuf nu filachuu keessaniif gammachuu guddaatu nutti dhagahama. Nuyi koreen Hawaasa Oromoo Las Vegas haga humna/dandeettii keenyaa fedhii guddaan isin tajaajiluuf qophii ta’uu keenyaa fi isin taajajiluu keenyattis gammachuu guddaan akka nutti dhagahamu garanumaa isinii ibsuu barbaanna. Kaayyoon hawaasa keenyaa ammoo bakka yaadame gahuu kan danda’u hunduu gama jiruun qooda isa/ishii irraa eegamu yoo bahee fi harka wal-qabatee yoo hojjette dha waan ta’eef, miseensotni keenya hunduu karaa danda’ameen bakka isin waamnetti akka nu jalaa qabdanii fi qooda isin irraa eeggamus dirqama keessan bahuun akka nu faana dhaabbattanis garanumaa isin hubachiifanna. Tokkummaa hawaasa keenya daran cimsuuf ammoo wali qunnamtiin koree fi miseensota gidduu jiru baay’ee murteessaa waan ta’eef, miseensotni keenya hunduu karaa ittiin isin quunnamuu dandeenyu kan akka telefoonaa, email, facebook, kkf (kan kana dura galmee irraa qabnu yoo jijjirtanii raattan) kan hojjetuuf kan yeroo mara ittiin argamuu dandeessan akka nuu laattan kabaja guddaan isin gaafanna.

Yeroo ammaa kanattis koreen haarawaan kun miseensota haawaasa keenya mara faana wali baruuf karaa danda’ameen tattaaffii gochuu irra jira waan ta’eef ergaan koree irraa isinii ergamu isin qaqabuu isaa mirkaneessuuf jecha deebii gabaabduu illee taatu akka yeroon nuuf deebiftan kabajaan isin gaafanna.

Dhuma irrattis, koree haga har’aatti dadhabne, nuffinee osoo hin jedhiin, haawaasa keenya fedha guutuudhaan dandeetti qaban maraan gaggeessuu fi tokkummaa hawaasa keenya keessatti uumuun har’aan gahanis maqaa Hawaasa Oromoo Las Vegasiin galata guddaa isaanii dhiyyeessina. Hojii gaarii fi fakkeenyummaan isaanii yoomi illee hawaasa keenya keessatti dhagaa bu’araa ta’eeti itti fufa. Gara fulduraattis, dandeetti fi muuxannoo qabaniin haawasa keenya keessatti gahee guddaa taphachuun akka dabarsan abdii guddaa qabna.

Barri itti adeemnu kan milkii, kan nagaa, kan tokkummaa fi jaalalaa akka nuuf ta’u hawwii keenya!

Koree Hawaasa Oromoo Las Vegas,

Guraandhala 01, 2014.


Message from Oromo Community of Las Vegas

February 01, 2014

Dear Oromo Community of Las Vegas,


We hope all are doing great. As we all know, our executive committee who will lead our community for the next two years was elected on January 15, 2014. Currently, the newly elected executive committee has assumed all the full responsibilities of leadership from the predecessor committee. The executive committee has also allocated duties among each other. The following are the executive committee and their title.

  1. Mr. Nigussie Rikitu- President
  2. Mr. Mekonnen Adunya- Vice-President
  3. Mr. Desta Edosa- Secretary
  4. Mr. Kamal Osman-Treasurer
  5. Ms. Alfiya Busse- Auditor

The committee started its regular duties starting from February 01, 2014.

While the executive committee is proudly happy for being elected to serve Oromo Community of Las Vegas for the coming two years, we also would like to express to our community that to the extent of our skill and knowledge, we are fully willing and ready to serve our community what so ever energy and commitment it may cost. To realize the mission of our community, however, it requires the participation and contributions of all members in whatever resource she/he has. It’s when all of us work hand in hand that our unity will sustain and our integrity will be maintained. The committee also believes that close, frequent and open minded communications between members and committee and among all members is a very crucial tool to bring our community together and create open atmosphere. As such, we kindly request our members to provide us their valid and working email, phone numbers, facebook address etc (if the one we have on our record is old and invalid any more as we can see from some email re-bouncing back to us).

Currently, the committee is striving to reach each member via any possible means. To make sure that our message is reaching each and everybody of our members, we ask you to give us short acknowledgment message as soon as possible when you receive message or call from us.

At last but not least, on behalf of the Oromo Community of Las Vegas, we are very thankful of the outgoing committee who has worked hard persistently and tirelessly without reserving their energy and knowledge to bring our community to this position. Their good deed and exemplar in leadership will be taken as an example for the coming committee. We strongly believe that in the future they will also play a key role in keeping the unity of our community with the knowledge and experience they have.

May the upcoming years be the year of success, unity, love, and common understanding!

Oromo Community of Las Vegas,

February 01, 2014.



Oromo Community of Las Vegas-The Color Coded committee election. 

January 15, 2014

The Oromo community of Las Vegas had their 2014’s first round general meeting on January 15, 2014 at Gold Coast Hotel and Casino. The meeting was opened by elders pouring traditional Oromo blessings as usual. In their blessing, the elders had wished unity, love, common understanding, and tolerance for the community. After 2013 annual report was presented by the chair man of the committee, the committee election was conducted. On the annual report, the activities done last year was presented. The committee also evaluated the performance of the community since its re-establishment in 2011 and concluded that there is positive progress even though there are some ups and downs as well. They were also praised and appreciated by the community for the hard work and commitment to put this community on the right track and laid a corner stone for the future of the community.

What made this meeting remarkable was the fair and democratic election of committee who will serve the community for the next two years. This is the first committee transition in the history of the Oromo community of Las Vegas. The election was very democratic where Gadaa principle of respect and common understanding were reflected. After thee ex-committee explained the methods of elections- the criteria and approach, questions were raised from the audiences and were addressed by the committee appropriately. What made this election easy and efficient was the color coded method used by the election committee. There were seven (7) different color cards each representing seven (7) different committee candidates out of those five (5) people were to be selected as committee for the next two years. The seven candidates were elected by the people. Each voter was given an envelope containing the seven (7) different color cards. The seven (7) elected candidates were made to stand in front of the voters holding the colored card randomly assigned to them. The voters were then told to vote five (5) people whom they believe will serve the community with all her/his energy without discriminating his community based on religion, region, clan, sexual orientation and political ideology. The voters were then put five (5) cards in the envelope and returned to the election committee, leaving two (2) cards behind. The result was finally announced and the meeting was peacefully adjourned.


   The Oromo community of Las Vegas,  would like to extend appreciation to the ex-committee who tirelessly served the community without reserving their energy, knowledge, and money. They will also be considered as exemplar among our community for their excellent leadership for the past two and half years. Hopefully, the newly elected committee will learn something important from the previous one and lead the community to better direction. 

May 2014 will be the year we will more productive and stronger than the year past!


Up Coming Event :
First Round Oromo Community general assembly 
for 2014. 
Date: January 15, 2014
Time: 4:00 PM
Venue:  Gold Coast Hotel & Casino
Agendas: New Year Greetings, 2013 Annual report and plan for 2014, Committee Election. 

Note: As this day is committee election day, please present in time to elect a committee who serve you and lead the community for the next two years.  

Weedduu Oromoo: Yeroo Waraanaa

Jibitti daalachoo

Eela buutee baatee

Itti hiiqxee hin tumattuu

Gad jettee hin murattuu

Meeqa duutee kaatee?

               Maal ajjeesan, maal ajjeessan namoomuu?

               Dhiira ajjeesan, dhiira gadhoomuu

               Irraa hin dheessin biraa hin hafin

               Yaa isa weennii jorooroo..bal'inaaf asi..


I am Oromo First Community Engagement World Tour: Oromo Community of Las Vegas.

September 25, 2013 was a wonderful day among Oromo community of Las Vegas. Every year the community has three general meetings-in January, April and September. On each occasion, the event starts with elders blessing as Oromo traditions. In addition to regular programs, the community has one special topic to discuss. Today’s special topic was broad and long run project that requires each and everybody’s participation, contribution and commitment. The theme of the meeting was “I am an Oromo First Community Engagement World Tour”. The special guest speaker was young scholar and political analyst Jawar Mohammed. On this event, Jawar Mohammed reviewed Oromo's past national struggle, the cons and pros, the challenge, the mistake and the lesson that need to be learned from the past briefly. He also discussed the current challenge Oromos are facing as a group and proposed broad ideas as a solution to the ongoing challenge. He emphasized on the values of unity for the freedom of Oromo and forwarded ideas how each individual should work together to keep the sustainability of Oromos unity. Questions were asked from the audience and Jawar gave matured and educated answer to all questions in detail. People got inspired by Jawar Mohammad's crucial and timely speech. Members of Oromo community of Las Vegas were filled with determination, hope, and courage. They promised to be with Jawar's idea and to give their full support in whatever they can. On his side, Jawar Mohammed vowed to work for his people with the knowledge, energy, and all the resource he has. He also added that he is ready to pay any sacrifices for the freedom of his people. The audiences fired up and clapped their hand loudly by standing up from their sits. Finally their embraced and take photo shoot with their beloved son/brother. It was really a day of new hope and promise for Las Vegas Oromos. We are all Oromo First!


Oromo First Community Engagement World Tour

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

  • General third round community meeting   
  • Oromo First Community Engagement     World Tour.                            
  • Entertainment 
  • Guest Speaker:Jawar Mohammed          
  • Place: Gold coast Hotel and Casino
  • Time: 4:00 PM
 Every one is cordially invited to attend the program.                                  
Don't forget to tell family and friends and schedule your time in  advance.                                                                                      
"Wali Malee maali qabna. Oromoon tokko , koottaa tokkummaa keenya waliin ibsina"        

The life of our hero and heroines have gone not in vain!

We, the Oromo Community of Las Vegas, were deeply saddened when we heard about the death of Eng. Tasfahun Camadaa Gurmmeessaa on Ausgust 24, 2013 in TPLF’s Kalitti concentration camp where thousands of Oromos are being detained and treated inhumanly. It is hard to believe that Tasfahun’s life has ultimately gone forever on the hands of those who conspired against him.

 The EPDRF/TPLF regime keeps committing crimes on Oromo people through the pretext of OLF supporter when the truth is being an active Oromo is seen as a crime by the EPRDF/TPLF government. Recently, more than twenty innocent Oromo students were collected from different universities and brought to court then thrown to jail. Death, exile, torture and mass killing of Oromo people by the EPRDF have increased now than ever. The government is designing different strategies to eliminate the Oromo people from the root.

 We have all learnt from Tasfahun Camadaa Gurmeessa’s family, relatives, friends and attorney that he is a man of vision, determined, genius and a role model from his home village to all the community he had served in his profession until the date he was forced to leave his country. Eng. Tasfahun Camadaa’s vision was broad though cut short too early. It is easy to imagine the consequences of missing people like Eng.Tasfahun Camadaa on Oromo people in general. Our past experience has taught us that unless we hold hand in hand and say enough is enough to this cruel regime, many will follow the fate of Eng. Tasfahun Camadaa.

   We, the Oromo Community of Las Vegas, strictly condemn the EPRDF/TPLF government for all the unsympathetic actions they committed on Eng. Tasfahun Camadaa Gurmeessaa. They intimidated him on his home country, forced him to leave his country, brought him from Kenya refugee camp with his other friends, confined him underground where there is no light, where they barely breathe, and no sanitation. They demoralized him, tortured him and finally beaten him to death. We as a community also need to bring to the attention of the EPRDF government that the life our hero and heroines have gone not in vain! The sacrifice, up to his life, Eng. Tasfahun had paid for the sake of his people’s freedom has engraved the symbol of heroism in our heart; He will be remembered for ever among the Oromo. In addition to this, we consider the killings of Oromos at Kofale, Arsi and other places just for the cause of their religion freedom is injustice.

Ultimately we would like to extend our heartfelt condolence to the family, relatives, and friends’ of Tasfun Camadaa on this sorrow time. May the almighty give you all his courage to bear all this pain! Eng. Tasfahun Camadaa biyyoon sitti haa salphatu!

Oromo Community of Las Vegas

August 31, 2013

Las Vegas, Nevada


Seenaa Barreefama Afaan Oromootiifi Shoora Dr. Sheek Mahammad Rashaad 

Qubee Afaan Oromoo ittiin barreessuuf toltu moggaasuuf biyya keessattiis alattis qabsoo ciccimtuu tu godhame. Qabsoofi tattaaffiin tuniis jijjiirama kufiinsa mootummaa Haylesillaasee booda jajjabaatteeti itti fufte. Mootummaan Dargii  Afaan Oromoo Qubee Saabaatiin  akka barreeffamu murteessite. Bal'inaaf..


Duuti Haa Du'u

Du'umti Haa du'u,
Kan ajjesee dhokse,
Ija goota keenyaa,
Buruqsee kan baqse.
Taaddasaa Birruufaa,
Guddinaa Tumsaafaa,
Maammoo Mazamirfaa,
Kan Baaroo Tumsaafaa,
Elemoo Qilxuufaa,
Innumti ajjeesee,
olii addemaa kaalessaa,
Tasfahuun Camadaa
kan addaan nu dhiise,
seenaatti nu hanbise.

History of Oromo Writing and the Contribution of Dr. Mohammed Reshad

The effort to find an appropriate alphabet for the Oromo language was as strong inside the country as it was outside the country. This was at full strength following the fall of the monarch. The military junta that seized power decided to use the Sabean alphabet for Afaan Oromoo.click here..


The Education System that Ignored Ignorance: Socio-Cultural Unawareness in Ethiopia

Oh, Lord of (Hayyee yaa Waaq) punctilious language, grant us the intelligence to use languages that spoken by our fellow men and women or citizens properly; open our ears to listen to the proper pronunciation of native words by native speakers; put your gracious hands on us and guide our fingers to write the correct letters and spelling; enhance our understanding of social, cultural and language literacy; give our names meaning; teach us how to learn and respect one another and all your creations on this earth planet; give us courage to undo mistakes and ask for forgiveness for the distortion we have made; teach us how to use our time productively; warm our heart to love and respect one-another and make us guided by the golden rule; walk us through light and keep us away from the offspring of ignorance: prejudice, arrogance, and hypocrisy. Amen, Hayyee! Detail...



OSGA: The Ethiopian government must stop the discriminatory approach and find a durable solution

OSGA Statement on ongoing tensions of civilian conflicts in Ethiopia

Troubled relations between Ethiopia’s government and the Oromo people constitute a serious obstacle in the country’s path to stability and prosperity. Indeed, the Ethiopian government’s recent history has been plagued by ethnic conflict and protracted conflicts with government forces, particularly in Oromia and neighboring regions.

Although it has recently started getting some Oromo media attention, for the past 3 years the ongoing invisible war carried out on Oromo, in the Aniya area, massively affected the local people. Read more....

Haawasni Oromoo Las Vegas Guyyaa Gootoa Oromoo 2013  kabajan

Ebla 17, 2013 sa’aa 5:00 WB kaasee ture hawwaasin Oromoo Las Vegas galma wali-gahiitti kan walitti qabamuu eegalan. Akkuma yeroo kaanii guyyaan kun eebba maanguuddootatiin eegale. “Waaqayyo nagaan nu oolche nagaan nu haa bulchu, xiqqaan haa guddatu, guddaan haa jiraatu, garaan keenyaa fi afaan keenya tokko haa ta’u, wallaalaan haa baru, beekaan haa bubbuulu, biyyi biyyaa nagaa haa ta’u, Oromoo nagaa haa ta’u,..” jechuun eebbaan saaqan manguddoon Oromoo tokko. Goototni Oromoo bilisummaa saba isaaniif jecha lubbuu isaanii wareegama godhani, daqiiqaa tokkoof cali jechuun yaadattamin.

Itti aansuunis Guyyaan Gootota Oromoo maalif akka Oromoota biratti waggaa waggaan sirna ho’aan akka kabajamuu fi barbaachisummaan isaa dargaggoo Oromoo tokkoon dhiyaate. Kanuma faana wali qabsiisuunis seenaan J/ Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa gabaabaatti dhiyaatera.

Koreen haawasaa Oromoo Las Vegas nuffee , dadhabe osoo hin jedhiini yeroo, humnaa fi ogummaa isaanii gumaachuun tokkummaa uumata keenya fulduratti tarkaanfachiisaa jiraachuu isaaniitifis uumatni galateefataniiru.

Dhumma irrattis artistii Oromoo, Mahaamad Sheekaa waliin sagantaa bashananaa gaarii qabachuun qophiin guyyaa kana goolabame.

Kabaja Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo magaalaa Las Vegas 2013

Guyyaan Gootota Oromoo kan 2013 magaalaa Las vegas ti gaafa Ebla 17, 2013 haawaasa Oromoon kabajamee oola. Guyyaan kana irratti sagantaa adda addaa,   seenaan gototaatiin wali qabatatee akkasumas dhimma haawaasa fi sagantaa bashananaatu dhiyaata. Qophiin kun waaree boodaa sa'aa 5:00 kaasee eegala. Irratti argamaa, affeerama.

Jara Abba Gadaa, Oromo freedom icon, dies at 77

(OPride) — Abdulkarim Ibrahim Hamid, better known with his nom de guerre as Jara Abba Gadaa, a relentless Oromo freedom fighter and one of the founding members of the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), died yesterday of kidney failure at a hospital in Yemen. He was 77.  

Jara was born in Eastern Oromia, near Gara Mulata, at a village of Mudir Goro, in 1936 to a generation of men who fought long and hard against successive Ethiopian rulers. A pioneer in many respects, Jara’s determination and bravery to end the marginalization of the Oromo was beyond reproach. He began his crusade to liberate the Oromo people first by joining the Bale movement led by the late General Wako Gutu in 1967. He later went to Somalia where he organized Oromo immigrants there to lay the foundation for the formation of  OLA. Oduu dabalataaf asi tuqi....

Call for Protest of all Oromos in and around Washington D.C. against the Ethiopian Regime

Dear Oromo brothers and sisters,

The Oromo Studies Association (OSA), the Oromo Community Organization(OCO) of Washington D.C. area, and Oromo Youth Self-help Association(OYSA) have jointly organized a public protest to be held in Washington D.C., in front of the US State Department, on Friday, January 25, 2013 to request the release of Obbo Bekele Gerba, Olbana Lelisa and thousands of Oromo political prisoners.

If you are an Oromo or friend of Oromo living in & around Washington D.C.(especially Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, NY) we kindly ask you to stand with us and advocate for our brothers and sisters who have been unjustly incarcerated and their voices have been silenced. If you say you stand for the Oromo cause, this is the time when you take a practical action which can make a difference!

Let’s stand together in large numbers and show to the public that we are not week. Let’s show to the US policy makers that we are indeed a strong force that can not be ignored.

Come!! join us!! Don’t let a severe weather stop you!! Don’t allow yourself a lame excuse. Make every effort to take a leave from your work for this one day. Make this small sacrifice for your nation Oromia! I live in Alabama, far from Washington D.C., but will come for this protest. If I can do it, yes you can!

Please distribute this announcement (attached) to all your domains. Put it on your facebook and advertise, circulate in your mailing list, put on the Front Page of your website, announce on your radio or TV, and so on. Use your influence and convince your brothers /sisters/ friends /son / daughter/mom/dad/relatives to stand up with us!

Together, we can make a difference!
Mosisa Aga, Ph.D.
OSA President 2012 -2013

Jointly Organized by the Oromo Studies Association (OSA), the Oromo Community Organization (OCO) of Washington D.C. area, and Oromo Youth Self-help Association (OYSA)

The government of Ethiopia has continued its widespread harassment, arrest, killing, kidnapping and disappearance, accusing, convicting and sentencing to life and long term prison of Oromo nationalsunder fabricated charges.  It is using the infamous   newly adopted so called “Anti-Terrorism Proclamation”. To cite few of the most recent examples:

  1. On November 1, 2012, two well respected Oromo opposition leaders, Mr. Bekele Gerba and Mr. Olbana Lellisa, and seven other Oromo nationals are convicted under the charge of “working underground to secede Oromia from the federal government” and other bogus “terrorism” charges after keeping them in prison for more than one year in jail.
  2. On September 30, 2012, more than 200 Oromo nationals, mostly the youth, have been rounded up and arrested when they were peacefully celebrating the annual Irreechaa festival at Lake Arsadi, Bushoftu, Eastern Shoa zone. Two months after their arrest, they are still held without any change.
  3. On April 6, 2012, at least four Oromo Muslims: Musa Gabi, Kemal Irena, Aliyi Wako, and Shafi Jano  were gunned down in the town of Asasa, Oromia regional state, when the government forces fired live ammunition on unarmed civilians coming out of the local mosque.
  4. Harassment of our  Muslim community has continued unabated:
  • More than 30 Muslim leaders are put in Maikelawi Prison and facing the same fabricated “terrorism” charges,
  • Thousands of Muslims, mainly Oromos, have been beaten and rounded up and incarcerated merely for demanding their religion freedom enshrined by the Ethiopian Constitution.
  • On October 21, 2012, at least three Muslims; Said Abdala, Abdu Oda, and Hussein, were murdered by the Federal Police in Gerba town, Wollo. Several others were beaten and wounded and many others arrested.
These are few of the recent examples of the rampant human right violations of the Ethiopian regime perpetrated on the Oromo and other oppressed nations and nationalities demanding their lawful rights. Overall, it is estimated that more than 20, 000 Oromo nationals languish in prison at any given moment over the last 20 or so years of the EPRDF rule.

To bring these abuses to the attention of the US public and decision makers, the Oromo Studies Association (OSA), the Oromo Community Organization (OCO) of Washington D.C. area, and the Oromo Youth Self-help Association have jointly organized a protest in Washington D.C. We call all Oromo nationals and Oromo friends living in and around Washington D.C. to participate in this peaceful demonstration. Let’s get together, stand in unison and speak on behalf of those whose voices have been unjustly silenced.

Protest Date:     Friday, January 25, 2013
Protest Time:    8:30 AM – 12:00 noon
Protest Place:   US State Department, 2201 C Street Northwest, Washington,  
                               D.C. 20520
Contact:                Oromo Community Organization, Washington D.C.:
                              Tel. 202 234 1151
                              Oromo Youth Self-help Association, Washington D.C.:
Tel. 202 705 6585

Barattoota Yuuniversitii Mooraa Kiiloo 4,Finfinne Irraa Mana Hidhaa Wayyaanee Galanii dararamaa Jiran

Diddaa mooraa DAALATTII (kiiloo 4) keessatti ka’e irratti barattooti Oromoo 113 yeroo hidhaman kanneen keessaa barataan Gammachuu jedhamu guyyaa kaleessaa reebichaa loltoota Wayyaanee itti hammaachuu irraan mana yaalaa gahee gootummaan wareegamee jira. Waaqayyo maatii isaa fi qabsaawota Oromoof jajjabina isaa akka laatu Qeerroon dhaammata.

   Kanneen hafan hidhaa keessatti yeroo ammaa rakkachaa jiran akka ....bal'inaaf asi tuqi. 

Hawaasin Oromoo magaalaa Las Vegas waggaa haaraa bara 2013 sirna ho’aan kabajate.

Hawaasini Oromoo magaalaa Las Vegas waligahii hawaasa kan godhatu waggaatti ali sadii yoo ta’u isa keessa wali gahiin inni duraa jalqaba waggaa haaraati, kabaja waggaa haaraa sababeeffachuun, gaggeefama. Qophiin baranaas akkuma yeroo kaanii eebbaa aadaa Oromootiin eegalame. Sirna eebbaa baranaa kan yeroo kaani irraa adda kan godhu, maanguddoo fi dargaggoo bahanii eebbaan eegaaluu isaaniiti. Kunis kan ta’amu danda’e dargaggoon dhalata ammaa aadaa isaanii hagami duukaa akka jiran hubannoo laachuufii dha.

Sagantaa kana irratti qophiin adda adda dhiyaataniru. Karaa koree hawwaasichaatin gabaasni waggaa darbee bal’inaan erga dhiyaatee booda karoorri waggaa dhufuu uumataaf bal’inaan ibsamaniiru. Koreen Hawaasa Oromoo magaalaa Las Vegas, nuffii tokko malee itti cichuudhaan karoora haawasichaa fulduraatti ofuun galata guddaa qabu. Miseensoonnis haamilee fi kakka’umsa guddaan karoora hawwasicha fulduratti oofuuf murannoo qaban ibsaniiru. Kanuma faana wali qabatees haala fulduratti tokkumma haawwaasa kanaa cimsee galii dhaanis ofi dandeessuu irratti mariin taasifameera. Yaadonni ergaa guddaa qabanii fi haamilee namaa kennanis mana keessa kennamaniiru.

Itti aansuunis baacoo fi raagoon ykn sheekoon Oromoo nama bohaarsaarra ergaa dabarsan dhiyaateera. Qabiyyeen baacoo kanaas aadaa Oromoo keessatti oduun durii akkamiin akka taphatama turaanii fi ergaa tokkumaa haawasaa kanaa cimsan ofi keessatti qabata. Dabalates aadaa Oromoo guddisuu irratti qooda dhalataan Oromoo biyyaa ambaa jiran qabanii fi malummaan fi barbaachisumaan aadaa Oromoo hubannoon godhameera.

Dhumarrattis sagantaan bashananaa godhameera. Qophii sirbaa bashananaa kanaarri haala qalbii nama hawwatuun ijoolleen Oromoo (Daa’imni) sirbaa waltajjii irraa gadi lakkifame faana waliin sirbuun uumata bohaarsaniiru. Daandeettii addaa ijoolleen kuni qabaniinis uumatni taa’ee ilaaluu ajaa’ibsiifameera.

 Celebration of New Year (2013) and Community's general annual assembly 


Annual general assembly of the community was held on :  

  Wednesday, January 2, 2013 at 5:00 PM PST

  Address: 3230  East Dessert Inn. Rd.

                Las Vegas, NV 89121 


Barruu Adda Addaa


Baaruu Baayisaa Daaqaa: Irreechaa (Walaloo)


Sirnaa dur dur ture
Seeraa sararaa baraa keessa tare
Duudha fi aadaa boonsaa
Faayyoo saba Oromoo – ibsituu eenyummaa isaa!
Irreechaa, Irreessaa, irreeffannaa, kan ture dur
Yaadannoo Odaa Nabee fi Odaa Mormor
Walitti qabduu maraa dhangaa fi maaddii
Damdamtuu dhiibbaa algaa: Hora Harsadii
Sitti hin ba'u seerri dalgaa
Si hin dhaq-qabu abaarsi algaa
Ofi hin-beekneen hin madaalamtu
Akka kosii hin gatamtu!

Jibbi fi dhiibbaan si hin mancaasu
Tuffiin lafa irraa si hin balleessu
Gar-malee si hubachuun si hin diigu
Si dagachuun lammii kee si hin dagu
Galata ati Waaqaaf dhiyeesitu jinniif jedhanii
Qarooma kee cilee yoo dibani
Ati hin baddu, ati hin duutu
Waaqni si uume si hin tuffatu!..more


By Yaadasaa Dafaa*

Understanding Gadaa and Orommummaa:

Oromo Nationalists frequently discuss the underlining premises ofOrommumaa within the aspirations for promoting the commonly shared spirit of the unique Oromo Nationhood. But, not all the resourceful Nationalists approach this fundamental issue from the same angle. Disagreement in concepts and theories at times could be blown out of proportions intentionally or unintentionally. When differing ideas and approaches emerge either under the Odaa tree in Oromia, or discussing at round-tables in Finfinee, Adama, Berlin, Washington DC, Melbourne, or Minneapolis, it should have been viewed as positive, and taken as “teachable moments” or ” learning moments” from these diverse views. Read full..

By Leenjiso Horo* | October 2013


Throughout history, music has been used as a means of struggle. It is a form of language, a type of communication, and a revolutionary force in the time of national struggle. Popular music conveys messages. It conveys messages of patriotism and highlights popular sentiments. It inspires passion, pride, nationalism, and action in citizens to take. It encourages citizens to take up weapons and fight for the cause they believe in. For this, it taps into everything from historical memories of past conflicts to present injustices. It is a useful tool for changing the way people think and feel. It is for these reasons, revolutionaries and nationalists take music very seriously. Through music, musical artists shame and humiliate those who betray their nation and their country, and those who do not support the national liberation struggle. Revolutionary music vilifies the traitors, the vacillators, the cowards, the enemy loyalists and the neutralists at the time of national liberation struggle. For these, music can be used as a propaganda tool in a war of national liberation. Read More...


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